may, 2017

12mayallday13alldayInternational Bar-B-Q Festival


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Kentucky’s ‘cue styles are as unique and delicious as you’d expect from a state that stakes its rep on drinking a stiff Bourbon while wearing a giant hat. Mutton (that’s lamb to everyone outside the state/UK) is the meat of choice, and burgoo, a spicy stew of mutton, pork, or chicken, is frequently served in KY’s barbecue joints. Even if you had no idea what either food was a second ago, you’ll be more than familiar after this fest, where each team is required to cook 300 chickens, 600lbs of mutton, and 60gal of burgoo. If you head here on Saturday, you’ll grab tastes of all those foods from the teams’ pits.


may 12 (Friday) - 13 (Saturday) EST


Smothers Park

199 W Veterans Blvd, Owensboro, KY 42303

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